Microsoft organize an event at cairo about php technologies !


As we know Microsoft started a new era that all open source developers can migrate their work to Microsoft  technology  with the same filling !! 😀

so i invited you to attend this event

Time:9:30AM Tuesday, January 26th
Location:Microsoft Egypt , Smart Village – Cairo

With “Garrett Serack “, the open source technologies and PHP expert, we will have several sessions and discussions about PHP on Windows and all aspects o…f where Microsoft’s been working on PHP on Windows. We will spend a good amount of time speaking with attendees, answering questions broadly about PHP & open source… at Microsoft. Talking about improving the quality of open source on Windows

hope you will attend !


Why i started this !


Its the first time for me to be a contributor ! over my work trip when i need help in my work just i Google it ! so i asked myself when i can help others also after 6 years of work ! so this is the start !

i chosen my blog topics around SharePoint development because i faced many problems and i did many work around to solve some problems , maybe some purposed solutions from me not the best or the shortest so just share your knowledge with us me and all blog’s readers

hope i can help myself before you !!