Add barcode to your document new feature in SharePoint 2010


A new feature coming from SharePoint 2010 that you can add a barcode in your documents.

Barcode option coming as a content type  information policy that you can enable it for any content type inherited from Document content type or inherited from any content type that inherit Document content type.

1-      From site settings page click on site content types

2-      Click on your content type that you need to enable barcode on it

3-      Click on “information management policy settings

Enable Barcode in SharePoint 2010

4-      In the next page check the following options:

  • Enable Barcodes.
  • Prompt users to insert a barcode before saving or printing: this option will enforce the user to add a barcode in the document header before saving this document.

Then click ok.

Enable Barcode in SharePoint 2010

5-      After enabling the feature, you have to modify the view of the library.

Go to the library you want to display the barcode in, and select library from the ribbon on the top.

6-      Look for the barcode column and check it. Then click ok.

Enable Barcode in SharePoint 2010

7-      Add a document to the library and the barcode will appear as follows.

Enable Barcode in SharePoint 2010



11 thoughts on “Add barcode to your document new feature in SharePoint 2010

    • For me, what I just found is that the barcode (which is actually just text) spits out a number for us to track back in our system to that exact file for editing or other purposes as we use a scanner as a keyboard and click the search box so that the cursor is on the search field, then we use the handheld scanner attached to pc with usb to scan barcode which enters the barcode# into the search field so we dont have to enter the 5 variables that make up each report title, ie CustomerName-OurCompanyJob#-CustomerPartS/N-PartCategory-PartProcessStep.xml

  1. Hello guys, it’s really nice one, But I came across the following component, any comments please,

    Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint allows developers to insert barcode symbols in Microsoft SharePoint lists. Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint supports more than 40 of the most popular barcode symbologies including linear & 2D like Code128, Code39, Code93, EAN13, EAN14 (SSCC14), EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, BooklandEAN, Interleaved2of5, Standard2of5, MSI, Code11, Codabar, Postnet, Planet, SSCC18, PDF417, QR, DataMatrix & many more.  Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint is designed to work with MS SharePoint Server 2010.

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